What Is a Maple Log?

Maple logs are the timber obtained from maple trees, which belong to the genus Acer. Renowned for their strength and versatility, maple logs are a preferred choice in various industries for their fine, uniform texture and durability.

What Are Maple Logs Used For?

Furniture and Cabinetry

Maple’s aesthetic appeal and strength make it an excellent material for high-end furniture and detailed cabinetry.


Due to its hardness and durability, maple is also frequently used for hardwood flooring, providing a long-lasting, attractive surface.

Musical Instruments

Maple’s tonal qualities make it a popular choice for crafting musical instruments, particularly violins and guitars.

Where Can I Find Maple Logs?

Maple logs can be sourced from regions where maple trees flourish, such as the northeastern United States and Canada. Specialty lumber yards and suppliers often stock maple logs due to their high demand.

Is Maple a Rare Wood?

Maple is not considered a rare wood. It’s widely available, although certain types, like birdseye or figured maple, are less common and more sought-after.

Is Maple a Cheap Wood?

Maple is moderately priced. While not the cheapest, it’s not as expensive as some exotic hardwoods, making it accessible for a variety of projects.

Is Maple Harder or Oak?

While both are considered hardwoods, maple typically ranks higher on the Janka hardness scale compared to oak, indicating its greater resistance to wear and tear.

How Hard Is Maple Wood?

Maple wood is known for its hardness and strength, making it resistant to scratches and dents. This characteristic is why it’s a top choice for high-traffic areas like floors.

What Wood Is the Strongest?

While many hardwoods are incredibly strong, woods like hickory and certain species of maple are among the strongest when it comes to shock resistance and overall durability.

Can You Burn Maple Logs?

Yes, maple logs can be burned. They provide a steady, long-lasting flame and produce a good amount of heat, making them suitable for heating purposes.

Benefits of Maple Wood Logs


Maple wood’s hardness makes it suitable for heavy-use items like flooring and furniture.

Aesthetic Quality

Maple wood has a fine, uniform texture and a naturally light color that can be stained to a beautiful finish.


Despite its hardness, maple is relatively easy to work with, allowing for detailed woodworking.

What Are the Disadvantages of Maple Wood?

Sensitivity to Light

Maple wood can change color when exposed to direct sunlight over time.

Moisture Reaction

Maple wood can be prone to warping if exposed to moisture, requiring proper sealing.


While not the most expensive, maple is more costly than some softwoods, which might be a consideration for larger projects.

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